Exercise of Options Expiring 30 April 2017 @ $0.02 (ASX code: CL8O)

Q. What are CL8O options?

A. CL8O Options provide the right to purchase a single fully paid ordinary share in Collaborate Corporation at a fixed exercise price regardless of the current share price, even if the current share price is higher than the exercise price.

Q. What is the Option exercise price?

A. The exercise price is $0.02 per Option.

Q. Will the Options expire?

A. The Options will expire at 5:00pm WST on 30 April 2017 (Expiry Date).

Q. What can I do with the Options?

A. Exercise all or some of the options. Documentation and payment must be received no later than 5:00 pm WST on 30 April 2017.
Sell your options. The last date for quotation of the CL8O Options will be 21 April 2017.
Do nothing. If action is not taken to exercise the CL8O Options prior to 30 April 2017, the options will expire and the right to purchase shares at $0.02 will lapse.

Q. Who receives the funds from exercising the Options?

A. Funds raised from the conversion of CL8O Options will be received directly by Collaborate and will support the Company’s ongoing growth.

Q. What is the benefit to the company of an Option holder exercising their Options early?

A. By exercising your Options early you provide the Company with additional funds to continue to pursue its growth plans. Obtaining those funds earlier reduces the need for the Company to issue additional shares for other capital raising requirements. Therefore there would be less dilution of the shares of the Company which is better for all shareholders.

Q. How do I exercise CL8O Options?

A. CL8O Options may be exercised by the Option Holder by completing the Notice of Exercise of Options and forwarding it to the Company’s share registry:

Postal address:

Boardroom Pty Limited
GPO Box 3993,
Sydney NSW 2001

The Notice of Exercise of Options must be completed, signed and accompanied by payment in full for the relevant number of CL8O Options being converted into CL8 Shares.

Q. When do I receive the shares?

A. The Company will issue Shares upon conversion of CL8O Options within 14 business days of the date that an option holder properly exercises their CL8O Options.

Full details and instructions are set out in the Notice of Exercise of Option Form.
Any other questions concerning the exercise of CL8O Options should be directed to Karen Logan, Company Secretary by email shareholder@collaboratecorp.com.