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Leading the Transition to Car Subscription

Collaborate (ASX:CL8) is an Australian online technology company that is leading the growth of the car subscription industry in Australia & New Zealand.

Collaborate launched Carly, Australia’s first flexible car subscription service in March 2019 and rapidly secured automotive industry leaders SG Fleet (ASX:SGF) and Turners Automotive (ASX:TRA) as significant shareholders, joining other long-term shareholders, including RACV.

The time is right for car subscription

                • 38% of Australians* would consider subscribing to a car rather than purchasing or leasing
                • New car sales have been declining for 29 consecutive months and dealer profit margins are being squeezed
                • Consumers and businesses are wary of long-term debt, especially during a recession
                • Car subscription adoption has been accelerating during the COVID-19 pandemic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             *Carly commissioned Omnipoll survey (June 2020)
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Through our businesses, Carly and DriveMyCar, we have been chosen by leading automotive and mobility companies including Hyundai, Subaru, Peugeot, Suttons Motors, Uber, Turners Automotive, RACV and SG Fleet to deliver innovative mobility solutions in Australia & New Zealand.

Uniquely, Collaborate operates a capital light business model. We do not own fleets of vehicles, instead we enable automotive manufacturers & dealers, fleet managers and corporate fleets to generate revenue from their vehicles. We enable the existing $55 billion p.a. auto industry to derive a new source of revenue from their vehicles by providing a complete car subscription solution and a new way for people and businesses to access cars that better suits their needs.

The way people access cars is changing rapidly

Car subscription offers the use of a car without the long-term burden of debt or ownership; Carly offers a more flexible alternative to finance or outright purchase of a vehicle. Average subscription period is 5.3 months and increasing (Sep 2020)


Ownership is increasingly being seen as a burden as it is inflexible and requires long-term financial commitment. People value access to cars that meet their needs at a particular time.


From mobile phones to on-demand movies and food, subscription offers an attractive and effective solution to accessing a range of products with a simple recurring payment.


New car sales are in decline, dealer profit margins are shrinking and more customers are being refused auto finance. The auto industry knows it must evolve its offering.


Individuals and businesses of all sizes are seeking a range of mobility solutions to match their lifestyle or commercial requirements, which can vary hourly, daily or monthly.

What we do

Carly is a first-mover in the Australian car subscription market; leveraging the experience, partnerships and proprietary technology developed by DriveMyCar, Australia’s first and largest peer-to-peer car rental platform

    • Carly has significant market potential
    • No dominant competitors
    • 58% of Collaborate revenue in 17 months
    • Extensive industry partnerships offer scalable growth opportunities

Our Businesses

Australia’s first, flexible car subscription service provides a fast, flexible and low-risk way for people and businesses to access quality new or used vehicles at short notice and for a minimum of 30 days

An online peer-to-peer marketplace that allows owners to make money from their unused vehicles by renting them out for a minimum of 7 days to businesses or for private use

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Car subscription market potential

The new and used car sales market in Australia is valued at $55 billion p.a.

AFR – Apr 2020

10% of all new vehicle sales in the US and Europe could be via vehicle subscription programs by 2025 – 2026

Frost & Sullivan: Future of Vehicle Subscription-Business Models and Opportunities in North America & Europe, 2025 (OCT 2018)

59% ‘Probably Would’ or ‘Definitely Would’ be interested in car subscription in the US

JD. Power Mobility Disruptors © 2018 J.D. Power.

38% of Australians would consider a car subscription for their next vehicle

Carly commissioned OmniPoll research conducted (JUN 2020)

Why invest in Collaborate?

Collaborate is creating new ways to access vehicles that consumers and businesses are demanding in a $55 billion p.a. market. Collaborate is the only ASX-listed business focusing on the car subscription opportunity in Australia and New Zealand. 

Consumers and businesses are ready

Access to vehicles is increasingly preferred to ownership.  Carly provides flexible and cost-effective ways to access vehicles instead of relying on traditional car rental companies, outright purchase and long-term finance. 38% of Australians would consider subscription for their next car.

The automotive industry is ready

The industry is experiencing enormous challenges – manufacturers and dealers must evolve to survive. 

Car Subscription is rapidly gaining traction

Carly has grown steadily since launch in March 2019 and has secured partnerships with leading automotive industry players. Mainstream media recognises the benefits of car subscription. Average subscription period is 5.3 months and increasing. The ATO has confirmed tax deductibility status through a Product Ruling

Collaborate is best placed to win

Over 10 years experience in an adjacent market, industry partnerships, capital-light business model, proprietary technology and a market-leading car subscription offering, already on a growth trajectory.   

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